Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Confessions 9/18

Happy Wednesday!! As promised, it's a confession-fest around here today.  I've got plenty of my own to share, but I'm also including the link-up at the bottom of the post and really hoping you will join me...  A hot mess LOVES company! ;)
- Yesterday, while discussing A Separate Peace with my tenth graders, I made a comment relating the novel to "Pretty Little Liars." (I know, a really deep English teacher I am. The confession really should just end right here.)  Anyway, several of the girls were (obviously) really excited about it and - before I even knew what was happening - one of the boys accidentally blurted out the identity of 'A.'  (Please accept my apologies now if you have no idea what I am talking about... It's probably for the best.)  Anyway, the true confession part comes in the fact that I had a literal fit in front of my students and, then (when I finally pulled myself together) I.COULD.NOT stop thinking about this new information I had received... ABOUT A FICTION TEENY-BOPPER TV SHOW.  I'm not even joking, I had to refocus and find my place on the page I was reading aloud at least three times after this.  Pathetic.

- I almost just typed "pathetic sauce" up above.  Clearly, I've been spending too much time around teenagers (orwatchingthemontv).

- This is the last one about "Pretty Little Liars," promise!   I've been having this internal debate with myself all week about WHY I am so into the show when it really isn't that good.  At one point, I actually had the following thought: "I mean, it isn't nearly as high quality television as 'Scandal' and 'Mistresses.'"  HIGH QUALITY TELEVISION?!?!  This has really gotten bad. Who am I?

- We had someone come to clean our house on Monday for the first time (I know, I'm spoiled), and she did a great job.  BUT, Jeff was out of town until late last night and Addy is shedding something terrible right now.  So... I spent yesterday afternoon re-vacuuming the house like a crazy person so that Jeff would be impressed with the cleaning lady and insist that she come back more frequently.  #hedidntevennotice

 - I HATE cooking! When Jeff is out of town, Sam and I eat out for every meal.  #sometimesimalittlesmugabouthowgoodheisinrestaurants (Did you get that last one?!)

Your turn...

*Remember, I'll be highlighting some of my favorite confessions from your posts later this week!


  1. Hilarious as always. I would have totally vacuumed as well to "impress" the hubs

  2. I haven't watched any of those 3 shows!! What is my life coming to??!

  3. I haven't either! I think I'm going to just have to break down and watch Pretty Little Liars. I had three freshmen girls write essays about it just last week.

  4. I'm totally a Pretty Little Liars junkie too! I have no clue why I'm so hooked. I've even got my husband to sit and watch with me so when he goes to school on Wednesdays he can chime in when the kids talk about it! They love it that he watches it so it gives him major points with me and them!

  5. ugh, back when I was working full time, we had someone clean the house 3 times. I spent a good amount of time before she came cleaning and after bitching about and cleaning all the shit she didn't get to. now, I wish she would come back...

  6. My confession is that I was in the middle of watching PLL and literally paused it to read this post. I am so relieved I'm not the only adult caught up in it...and that you didn't post any spoilers!

  7. My confession? I ate a Fiber One bar the other morning and, well, the fiber hit me when Luke & I were in Barnes & Noble. We rushed to the ladies room, I corralled us both into the handicapped stall and just as my pants hit my ankles, Luke discovered how to unlock the stall door. There I was, having private moment in a public bathroom with my toddler running around outside the door. Lesson learned? Only eat Fiber One bars when you plan to stay home.

    1. That is HILARIOUS! Definitely sounds like something that Avery would do!

  8. Ha! I remember reading A Separate Peace in HS, and 10th grade too. I didn't think it was read anymore these days.

  9. I keep trying to post my link but it isn't working for me. Boo! Anyways, here is my confessional:


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