Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween + More October

First, the obligatory Halloween costume photo...

I spent quite a bit of time scouring Pinterest and wracking my brain to come up with the perfect Halloween costume for Sam this year.  (It's hard to compete with last year's lamb.)  Jeff and I both had very specific criteria for the costume - adorable (for me) and "boyish" (for Jeff) - and, as is usually the case, they weren't exactly the easiest to combine.  (I tried desperately hard to make "puppy dog" sound exceptionally masculine, but to no avail.)  Anyway, one day on a whim I just asked Sam what he wanted to be (what a novel idea, I know) and he told me very passionately "DINOSAUR."  That answer stuck every single time I have asked him since; so, naturally, a dinosaur he is.  A pretty cute and cuddly (and masculine) one at that. ;)

These two photos (above) were taken at our first and second annual neighborhood Halloween parties, and I just couldn't resist the cuteness and comparison.  How did our babies turn in to boys so fast?  (Also, gone are the days of sitting the boys down for multiple photo sessions... That second shot was a NIGHTMARE to get!)

Yesterday, Sam wore his costume to music class and to visit his great grandmother, and this afternoon he'll be rocking it at my dad's office and for a little trick or treat jaunt down the street later.  *Home boy isn't going to know what hit him when he realizes that three simple words will get him a bag FULL of treats!  (Cue the Halleluiah chorus.)

As is tradition, we have family coming over to help hand out candy tonight, and I'm making a big crock pot of white chicken chili (using this recipe from LBF).  Then, tomorrow, its on the road again as I head back down to South Carolina for my friend Stephanie's wedding!!

If I could summarize this month in two words, they would be BUSY and FUN.

This month has been FULL.  We have visited friends and family in Richmond, traveled for weddings, gone to the pumpkin patch, attended a conference, etc. etc. etc.  Everything has been SO good, and I am SO thankful for great friends and opportunities; but, of course, I'm also ready to settle back into normal for a bit.

After this weekend's trip, November promises to be calmer and quieter, and I'm ready for that.

Until then, here's a look back at the last 31 days:

New guest post up tomorrow, and the big sponsor giveaway is going on until Monday!!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. So sweet! They grow up so fast :-)

  2. NO words- Im obsessed with my little dino! Be still my heart

  3. Whoo-hoo! I made the photo collage. What a treat :) I feel the same way - ready for some cozy downtime in November. Hope you have a blessed weekend.


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