Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Fall "Uniform"

Have you seen this article that's been floating around the internet this month? According to its writer, there are eight things every happy woman should have: a go-to drink/ a go-to karaoke song/ a uniform/ a hair stylist they love/ an exercise routine/ a hobby/ a best friend/ a healthy sense of self.

I think the list is fun; but, while I think I'm a pretty happy woman, I don't have a go-to drink (unless you count diet coke), a go-to karaoke song ("Wheels on the Bus"?), or an exercise routine (oops).  Obviously, its hard to really build a case around any of these things (except maybe #7 & #8) really being essential to happiness; but, regardless, it's fun to think about. 

In particular, I've been thinking about #3 - a uniform. (Deep, I know.)

Lest you think I'm talking about a plaid skirt and knee socks, let me explain... Your "uniform" is your go-to style.  It's the basic components that make up all (most) of your favorite outfits.  It is the look you feel the most comfortable, the most beautiful, the most you in.   If someone were to draw a picture of you from memory, this is the outfit you'd be wearing.  Are you with me?

Anyway, I've been cleaning out my closet/switching to fall clothes for the last couple of months days, and I've been particularly aware of my own uniform.  Now that I'm actually paying attention to it, it's a little ridiculous to be honest... My uniform is SO uniform that I probably should go to some sort of stripe rehab branch out a little bit.  But, regardless, I'm thankful to have settled on a look that is "signature" me.

Here it is:

The only thing I actually own from the above photo are the shoes (Tarjay baby); but, my favorite outfits almost always involve some variation of stripes, jeans, flats, and a statement necklace (oh, and pearls... always pearls).  Obviously there are variations of this for the work week (substitute black pants or cords for jeans) or different seasons (add cute blazer, replace necklace with scarf, wear boots instead of flats); but, this look is pretty standard for me.  I think it says "I'm casual, but I'm classy", which is just the way I like to think of myself. ;) 

#seewhatImean? #thosearedifferentshirts #Samwearstheuniformtoo

So, do you have a uniform?  What is it?

Do I have any other stripe lovers out there? (ahem, Sara)

Does anyone want to buy me that Kate Spade bag? ;)

Does anyone else still switch their clothes over each season?

Have I asked enough questions yet?

Happy Hump Day friends!  I'm headed to the Allume conference bright and early tomorrow morning, but I've got some great Working Mom guest posts lined up for the next couple of days.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

P.S. If you see me at Allume, please say hello!  I'll be the one in stripes! ;) #butseriously


  1. i love that Sam has your uniform too!! i tend to dress the girls in outfits i think i would wear or to match mine. luckily for now they can't resist too much, but in a few years i'm in trouble when they want to pick out their own outfits!

    happy wednesday!

    -sami @

  2. Very cute! At the moment, my uniform consists of hoop earrings (when I remember), leggings, boots, a figure-skimming tank top and a billowy over-shirt/cardigan. I have a signature cocktail but the whole pregnant thing has gotten in the way. My go-to is now all water, all the time!

  3. Our uniforms are eerily similar. We are twinsies! Matt makes fun of how many striped shirts/items I have. I guess he's just jealous!

  4. your sister's uniform:
    I have 2
    1) leggings, oversized sweater, boots, necklace/scarf and leather jacket (or some sort of jacket)
    2) colored tights, plain colored dress, scarf/necklace, boots

  5. I love striped shirts, cable knit sweaters, shoes with bows, and ballet flats!

  6. We are a stripe-family...I wear stripes almost everyday (including today) and so does Cam. Oops. I most definitely do not switch out clothes with the season...I just add a sweater and a scarf or throw on some leggings and flats!! :)

  7. I SO have a uniform--jeans skirt, shell, and color/printed top. Although I love this uniform in this board!

  8. Iphone is a drug


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