Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 Sponsor Gift Guide & Black Friday Deals

Happy Black Friday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and are still feeling FULL of thanks (and turkey) this morning...

Black Friday isn't America's finest hour, you know?  I mean, the irony of the fact that the day after a holiday meant to focus on being grateful for what we have is the greediest day of the year, is not lost on me.  Rest assured. 

Of course, I'm also not judging...  You know I appreciate a good shopping day as much (or more) as the next guy, and for years I got my own little adrenaline rush from braving the crowds and tackling for deals on this day.  Besides, we are mostly shopping for other people anyway, right? :)

Alas, this year, for the first time in - well, EVER - I am actually almost finished with my Christmas shopping already (#callitaChristmasmiracle  #orjustalateThanksgiving), so today will be mostly spent relaxing, decorating, and.... GLUED TO MY LAPTOP FOR ONLINE DEALS!!!

Here are some (of the many) advantages to online shopping in my book:
- Pajamas
- Free coffee
- The ability to "be" in several stores at one time (through the beauty of open tabs, obviously)
- MUCH wider variety than what's available in our local mall
- More original and handmade gifts (which, tend to be, more meaningful ad well-made imho)
- No crowds
- No stroller
- Pajamas
- Free coffee

Have I convinced you that this is the way to go yet?

I LOVE online shopping, and I love finding a good deal, free shipping, or a coupon code even more!  So, today, because I love you (and them), I'm sharing some of my very favorite gift ideas from my very wonderful sponsors WITH some great coupon codes and deals especially for Black Friday and/or E, Myself, and I readers.  Are you ready?!?!

Let's do this...

And, don't miss these special Black Friday deals!

Lil Sweetie Designs -10% OFF with code EMI10

Ever Arizona -15% OFF with code EMYSELFANDI

Bersama - Buy one scarf, get one HALF OFF in the month of December

One Delightful Button - Everything 35% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY

Perch Shop - FREE SHIPPING on all knots (only) with code KNOTFREE

Room to Romp - FREE SHIPPING with code EMIFREESHIP

Boy Oh Boy - 25% OFF your purchase of $10 or more with code BLACKFRIDAY through 12/3

Shared Joy - Spend $25, get a FREE headband AND 15% OFF with code THANKYOU

Now... Go pour yourself another cup of coffee and start crossing people off of your list!! :)

P.S. Stay Tuned...

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  1. Oh, I love, love online shopping and have done probably 80% of my Christmas shopping online for several years. I enjoy missing out on the hustle and bustle for the comforts of home. Happy weekend to you!


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