Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blog Gems 11/16

Y'all, this week has really been a doozy.  Monday, Jeff was sick.  Tuesday, Sam was out for the count.  And (whatdoyouknow), by Wednesday it had hit me.  Then I pretty much just called the week a miss and gave up on Thursday and Friday being any sort of productive.   This weekend I have high hopes of getting myself organized and caught up in all areas of my life.  #yeahright

Anyway, one thing I did make time for this week was reading blogs. ;)  Here are a few of the gems I discovered around the www:

Made me laugh

Made me inspired

Made me smile

Made me remember

Made me sigh

What made you ______________ this week?
P.S. What do you think of this new format for Blog Gems?  Be honest.

P.S.S. Don't forget this this weekend. 


  1. Love ALL of these! The suggestions about making the holidays more about "giving" really spoke to me today. I just got back from the mall and it is SO crazy there. My mom and I have really cut back on holiday spending but it sometimes makes me feel like such a scrooge. I LOVE the holidays BUT I hate all shopping and obsession with getting more, more, more. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I like this format! And I liked the gems. And I like you. But I don't like that you were sick :( Let's try this week for a catch-up.

  3. I like it, kinda. but I also found myself scrolling over the links to see where it was going to take me--so I sortttt of like a little prelude, etc. I don't know. But, it's cool if I'm in the minority :)

  4. I'm with Katie @ Loves of Life...I'd prefer at least a headline so I know what I'm clicking into. I love the "made me..." teasers and enjoy the links, but we all know time is precious, and I'd like a hint before I take the time to click. I've just discovered your blog so I'm not familiar with the old format. Thanks for the gems...hope you and your family are feeling better soon!


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