Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Midweek Confessions 11/20

Good morning friends!  I haven't posted Midweek Confessions in a while, but that doesn't mean I don't have plenty to confess... so I decided today was as good as a day as any to start them back up.  I hope you will join in!

- I get kind of jealous and pout-y when several of the "big" bloggers in my feed all "get together" for some kind of give away, link-up, or series.  It is ridiculous really - I don't know any of them - but there's a little bit of middle school girl in me that feels like I "didn't get invited to the cool kids' party."

- For an English teacher, I'm certain that I overuse quotation marks and italics; but, I don't actually know the "rules" for their use (which is the real confession here), so I can't be sure.

- When Jeff is out of town, I act like some kind of "rebel" and eat fast food, keep Sam out too late at Target, skip his bath, and let him sleep in the bed with me.  I'm sure I'm creating some kind of complex or, at the very least, some bad habits for Sam - but, it's a price I'm willing to pay. Ha!

- Unlike, it seems, every other blogger in the world, I don't listen to Christmas music OR decorate my house before Thanksgiving.  (I might leave my decorations up until February 1st though.)

- Have I mentioned before that I am TERRIBLE at gift wrapping?  I mean, terrible.  Usually, I make Jeff do it (he is actually really good); but, this year I'm considering babysitting for my neighbor so she can do all my wrapping because she claims to love it.  

- I have actually bought some Christmas gifts already; and, I'll be honest, I'm feeling kind-of smug about it. ;)

- I have a new obsession with listening to books on tape. This kind-of makes me feel like a cheater, but also sort-of smart and sophisticated too.  (Which is it?) Also, I mostly listen to them on my cell phone while I'm driving, and I may have intentionally driven out of my way one or two or eight times lately to get to the end of a chapter.

- Sam asks to eat "french fries" just about every day.  He doesn't actually eat them every day, but I think the fact that he asks for them is bad enough.  (See my third confession.)

- My only goal for the last two weekends has been to clean up my guest room.  (We have company coming to stay there over Thanksgiving.)  I have successfully managed to NOT accomplish that goal - or anything else because that was my only goal - for two weeks now.  #pleasecallhoarders

Thanks for reading all this random/ hot-messness.  (You like that?)  Now, won't you link-up your confessions below?!


  1. I support the books-on-tape thing. I don't actually do that much, but I feel the same way about good stories on NPR...will definitely drive around aimlessly and/or sit in my parked car at my destination while a good segment finishes up!

  2. Wow, perfect timing as I was just editing a post about one of my confessions. I should try the books on tape and just play it while I move around my house. Maybe my 3 week old will like reading if I do?

  3. Love all of these! I am so bad at being more lax when my husband is out of town, and am not all about this Christmas starting in October trend either.

  4. Noah asks for French fries or chips daily too. At least they're not asking for candy too? Maybe?

  5. Um, thank you. I don't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving either and my confession: it kinda pisses me off that they are promoting Christmas over Thanksgiving. Which is so stupid, but I feel like they're making it spread.

    And I also have bought one Chrismas gift and I made two others last night, so I'm feeling pretty good.

  6. I refuse to listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving. It's crazy how early people start with all the Christmas stuff! and I'm glad someone else shares my ability (well non ability) of gift wrapping. I'm absolutely terrible at it!!! Also, I linked up my confessions. I just created my blog this weekend and knew this was something I wanted to do!

  7. ha. To the first one. I can relate. I've been blogging for years, girl. And am friends with some of those bloggers, too. And I never get invited :) Truth be told, that is NOT my thing. But there is still a little bit of me that feels like, psssshhhhhh.

  8. Love these... so relatable.
    I am ONLY admitting to this because of solidarity... but last week when we went through the drive thru my two year old exclaimed "I eat french fries please" when the nice drive thru lady asked for the order... I try to focus on the please part and not that she knows how to order fast food!!!

  9. I would have NEVER believed you were a terrible wrapper had I not read it for the blogger's mouth.... err fingers. You're SO crafty I just assumed you'd be a gift wrapper extraordinaire. I feel left out all the time. Even when people I barely know have Tupperware parties or go to Vegas together I'm always like, "why didn't I get invited" even though I wouldn't have gone anyways - I feel like I should have stayed working if only to get more free counselling. My kids hate french fries - yes you read that right - my kids won't do fast food and I almost think that worse than a kid wanting it everyday - I mean that's "normal" - a kid that doesn't love grease in a box? what's wrong with them? I'm worried. Always love your confessions, makes me feel like I have an ally in the this life. xoxo

  10. We don't have our Christmas decorations up yet either. But after Thanksgiving... All bets are off! Whenever James has to go out of town for work Lena sleeps with me too. I'm not a fan of sleeping alone and I really love the extra non-shirked cuddle time!


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