Monday, November 25, 2013

My Greedy Grown-up Christmas List

Happy Monday guys! Hope you all had a great weekend... It got REALLY cold here, so much so that even I had to resist the urge to turn on the Christmas music and light up the tree. ;) They are calling for snow and freezing rain tonight; so, maybe my already short week will be even shorter?!?

Anyway... I took a few minutes to put together my own Christmas wish list just for fun and thought I'd share it today in case you wanted to send me something (#TOTALLYkidding)

These are some of the things that have been taunting me on other people's gift guides etc. all month long (and, *hint*hint* you might see a couple of them in my Get and Give Away that will be announced on Monday)!

What's on your wish list? Go ahead, be honest!


  1. Oooh nice choices!! That mug is fabulous (and I wouldn't have to worry about Matt stealing it, haha) and you KNOW I love the planner!!!

  2. Love the monogram necklace - I've been eyeing one of those for quite some time. That, and a pair of monogram earrings to go with. I'd also be pretty happy if Santa threw in the new iPhone. We have the 4's and I'm just sick to death of it. One can hope, right? ;-)

  3. I love the pencils! I've also got my eyes one some new boots this year and a new watch :)

  4. I just got my Plum Paper planner, and I LOVE it! Such a nice alternative to the uber-expensive Erin Condren ones.

  5. You have to get some Toms! I have a pair in red and they make great teaching shoes, however, as a true preppy New Englander I also a huge fan of Jack Rogers (that is what my bride's maids wore). As always, I LOVE your taste, I hope Santa is good to you.

    Random side note - any tips on teaching a two year old the TRUE meaning of xmas?? Sofie is scared of Santa but I also want her to understand that spirituality of Christmas..I have been researching some books on amazon to get her... any suggestions?

  6. I love this whole list!! I have a few of the same things on my list!! My biggie is a pair of UGGs or Bean Boots...I can't decide between the two. I also want some cozy pajamas...I always feel funny visiting people and coming down for coffee in yoga pants and a t-shirt! Haha


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