Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap (and a little give away)

Good morning friends.  Happy last day of 2013!  Do you have big plans for tonight?  I'm heading out to The Loft this morning to try to snag one of those trendy sweatshirts with jewels and sequins emblazoned on them.  That seems like the perfect attire for our lasagna dinner with neighborhood friends and 9PM new year's countdown. :)  

I am still fully in "break" mode (so much so that my to-do list is exactly the same length it was a week ago and there is a VERY good chance that - after ten glorious days of catching up on rest and relaxing - I will have to stay up all night Wednesday to get some things done and go back to work on Thursday more exhausted than before), so this will be short and sweet; but, here are a few photos from our Christmas:

Our quiet Christmas Eve - before a little driving light tour and hot chocolate.
Leaving cookies for Santa and treats for the reindeer.  Sam kept eating all of the reindeer snacks.  Hilarious.
My table for Christmas breakfast.
Christmas morning "mess."
Homemade "busy board" from Bear.
Modeling new hats with Uncle Richard.
Our little family in Northern Virginia before our annual lunch at Great Aunt Martha's.
Just as I suspected, Christmas with a 2 year old was magical.  I imagine this was probably the "perfect" year because Sam was old enough to really enjoy and experience so much of the holiday, but too young to have any expectations.  Seeing the joy in his little eyes throughout the whole season was the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Speaking of photos and memories...

I just discovered this cool new L.A. video company made up of award-winning filmmakers called Yourkidvid. They're bringing their talents to all those little videos we have hanging around (and taking up so.much.space) on our phone and computer, and turning them into short films. Little cinematic experiences.

How YourKidVid works: You capture. They captivate.

Your problem: You have a ton of video clips sitting on your phone and computer. What now?

Your solution: Turn those video clips into a mini movie you can save forever and share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your blog

You know how to make your photos look incredible, but what about your videos?

Color balance, graphics, perfect sound, music - they bring all the Hollywood production magic to turn your memories into cinematic experiences your friends actually want to watch. ...that you want to watch.

Perfect as your Year In Review Letter if you're still pulling that together! Also offering Gift Cards so you can give the gift of a premium hand crafted movie. Perfect for any occasion.

Check it out and start uploading your holiday videos for your own mini-movie.  (They are making a 2013 video for me now! I can't wait!)
Plus, you're in luck because I have a 20% off coupon code exclusively for my readers: YKV-673H.

And, best of all, I’m giving away a free Premium Video! Just leave a comment telling me your favorite part of your holiday this season. Winner will be drawn at random from comments left before 11:59PM Pacific Time on 1/31/14.


  1. My favorite part of the holiday season used to be enjoying time off from work. Lame, I know.... But it quickly changed this year when I saw the joy in my sons eyes and his constant verbal appreciations for "pretty lights". :) Merry Christmas E!

  2. Happy 2014 (well almost!)! My favorite part of this holiday season was finally being off work (I'm a nurse who always works holidays) and spending it with my family!!

  3. Like you, my favorite part was sweeping everything through my two year old's eyes. I said the same thing, last perfect year before expectations and what not kick in!

  4. Hmmm. My favorite part is christmas eve...twinkly lights...kids in bed...exchanging gifts with my husband :) I like doing videos myself, but this seems kinda fun!

  5. Can you pleeeeease do a post on all the different elements of the busy board?? I've been wanting to make one of those but would love some ideas for busy-makers. So awesome!

  6. It looks like you guys have a great Christmas! I am so glad that we have until next monday, i feel bad that you go back on Thursday! I hope you found a fun blingy sweatshirt to wear tonight. Happy New Year! :]

  7. Happy New Year E! My favorite part of Christmas this year was having our Callie, just 10 months old, show some excitement on Christmas Eve after we left cookies and her sippy cup out for Santa and she opened her Christmas Jammies. I can't wait till next year - she will be in that magical spot that Sam was for you this year. Have a great one!

  8. First of all...Hank needs a busy board like Sam's stat! I just told my hubs to get started...:) Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! The best part of Christmas this year was watching Hank take six hours to open his gifts. It was so much fun to watch him open a gift (well really let me or daddy open a gift because my OCD child hates wrapping paper...) and then play with it for hours, or let's be honest, 20 minutes. This Christmas really made me realize how much more FUN holidays become with a little person. Happy New Year!

  9. So fun! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! we did too --- my favorite part was getting cozy in new christmas pajamas so that we could drive around and look at Christmas lights before bed. little things turn big with kids :)

  10. My favorite part of the holidays this year was watching my daughter really experience Christmas for the first time (she is not quite 2). To see her understanding and excitement was awesome.


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