Friday, December 13, 2013

Still Shopping? A Few of My Favorite Things... (Not Sponsored)

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping yet?

I bought my last "official" gift this morning, and I'm actually kind-of sad to say I'm "done."  In the last couple of years, since I've become a professional - if I do say so myself - at online deal shopping, I have really enjoyed searching for and finding the perfect gifts for everyone on my list while still sticking to a reasonable budget.  I have a couple of odds and ends left to pick up in the next two weeks; but, mostly, now it's just LOTS and LOTS of wrapping (which I loathe, by the way).

Speaking of gifts... Thanks to your help (via Facebook and Twitter) last week, I wrote a post for the Manila Blog titled "3 Out-of-the-Box (but MUCH NEEDED) Gifts for Moms" that was picked up and published on Yahoo Finance on Wednesday.  Never in a million years did I think I'd see my name next to Byline of something finance-related, but I'm very honored.  Check out the post here if you have a minute -- I think I did a pretty good job representing what we all REALLY want for Christmas. :) 

And now, on that note, since I don't have anyone left to buy for, but there are still SO many good deals to be gotten, I thought I'd stretch out the fun a little longer and share some of my favorite gift ideas and deals from around the internet with you...  All of these gifts are (relatively) inexpensive and can be ordered now for delivery on or before Christmas Eve. (And none are sponsored or affiliate links - in case you care about that kind of thing.  Pinky promise!)

Let's begin, shall we?

 - Jeff and I are in the process of making one of these for ourselves and for each of our parents' for Christmas (although it won't be a surprise since we've had to ask for their help with it tons).  I just think the look is so cool, and we've been shocked to realize how much we really don't know about our own family history.  It is nice to know this will be written down for Sam and the generations to come after him. (This takes a little extra effort if you don't already have all the information gathered, but we have really enjoyed doing it!)

I talked about this some yesterday, but I feel like it is worth mentioned again because it is so darn cute and would make an awesome gift for the little person on your list - especially from grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.  Sam LOVES playing with ours (He calls it "playing God," which kills me), and I'm so excited to have it to bring out as part of our holiday traditions every year from here on out.  What a special and meaningful gift to give!

As a side note, Jeff and I were given a very nice nativity set when we got married, and I thought that was SUCH a great wedding (or first Christmas) gift.  They can get really expensive and aren't exactly something you need/want to spend money on yourself, but we were/are SO glad to have one!  (We have this one.)

Kate Spade Sale

Call me a snob, but I think everything is a little prettier wrapped in a Kate Spade box.  Above are just some of the great items on sale at Nordstrom right now that I think would make awesome gifts for your friends, co-workers, sister, etc.  (And, don't forget, Nordstrom always has free shipping!)

Anthropologie is famous for selling beautiful and original clothing, jewelry, accessories, and housewares - but, also for being tough on the ole wallet.  These mugs, however, are affordable and adorable.  Plus, I love the personal touch of a monogram.  These would be adorable stuffed with a a bag of fancy hot chocolate for all of your neighbors or roommates. (I'm also a little bit obsessed with stalking their "gift of the day" deals.  Check that out too for even more good ideas!)

And, last but not least...

I bought probably 75% of my gifts this year from JCrew Factory, and I am LOVING their 12 days of deals.  On some of the things I bought, I got an extra 30% off AND Free Shipping.  So great!  Plus, you know whatever you get, it will be well made and in style. :)  You can't go wrong.

That's all for today... I hope this was as much fun for you as it was for me.  Haha!

What is your go-to spot for Christmas shopping?  I'd love to hear!

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Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I did very well at Marshalls this year! Pretty pajamas as gifts and lots of great Melissa and Doug toys too. I HATE the wrapping part too :)

  2. your post on yahoo is awesome! i'm not a mom yet but I imagine that when I am those will be exactly what I want. I did a lot of shopping at target and ross this year and am super happy with what I've gotten. Thankfully I still have some shopping to do, i'm addicted! I love christmas shopping. :]

  3. I saw a similar family tree idea that I want to do. My dad is into genealogy and has a computer program just for it. I'd love to do this for him at some point!


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