Friday, January 31, 2014

Faith, Marriage, & The Bachelor

Did you really think I wasn't going to talk about The Bachelor WEDDING?

(Side note: I got pretty into the wedding Sunday night - as in, I may have shed a tear or ten - but I really couldn't get back into Juan Pablo and his goons on Monday.  I just thought the episode was boring and I'm starting to not like even the girls I thought I liked. Ugh.  Anyway, back to regular Bachelor gossip next week probably.)

SO... Did you watch? I am not ashamed to admit that I chose Sean & Catherine's Bachelor wedding over watching the Grammy's (both live televised events) on Sunday night.  This wasn't a hard decision for me, and I didn't even flip channels to see how the Grammy's were going, but from the flood on my Facebook feed and articles like this in the following days, I think I made the right choice.  Who would have EVER guessed in a million years that The Bachelor would actually be the more wholesome and edifying television option?!?

My love for the Bachelor is no secret.  I've been shamelessly scheduling my weeks around its episodes and sheepishly falling in love with someone (or at least someone's story) for almost ten years now.  Yes, that's longer than I've been committed to anything else in the world except maybe Jeff, and that's a little sad... But whatever.   I have seen all four (those odds are NOT good people) of the weddings and, just recently, started keeping up with some of the former contestants on Instagram to really up the ante of my life.  *No, I don't think The Bachelor is a realistic image of love and marriage, BUT I do think it is fun to watch with my girlfriends; and, every once in a blue moon, the happy couple can actually find the real thing behind all the cameras and media craziness.

I mean, how great is the picture?  (From

Call me naive, but I think Sean and Catherine are one of those couples.

In case you haven't been keeping up with your current events, Sean was pinned as the "Christian virgin" from the very beginning of his Bachelor experience (even when he was a contestant on Emily's season).  I have to admit, I always thought he was sweet, but I questioned whether or not someone who really put his faith in the Lord's will for his life would actually go on a television show to find it, and I kind-of wrote it off as his "angle" that the producers would play up to create drama etc.  BUT,  I was pleasantly surprised to see that his beliefs kept coming up in both seasons and - especially after meeting his family on Emily's hometown visits (and stalking his older sister's blog), I began to trust that Sean's faith really IS the real deal.

I never got particularly invested in his relationship with Catherine either.  I think she is absolutely beautiful and funny, but I don't remember her standing out very much on the show.  (Come to think of it, maybe that's WHY they worked out so well).  However, in the year (or so) since their live engagement, I've tried to keep up with them (admittedly through social media and the tabloids) and have LOVED the way their relationship has played out in real life.

At the final rose ceremony a year ago (from

I love that they decided to live in the same town, but NOT in the same house.  I love that they chose to wait until their wedding night to have sex.  I love that Sean posted a photo of Catherine getting baptized a few weeks ago on his Instagram.  I love that they prayed before he walked down the aisle.

To be clear, I don't think any of those things MAKE a person a Christian - but, I do love that they are living out some of the fruits of their faith in the spotlight, even when it would be so easy and acceptable to not.

Back to the wedding...

I thought all the pre-show stuff about sex was a bit overdone - you know the Producers ate that ish up - BUT, as Erika so perfectly put it on her blog Monday - "they made waiting seem sexy and fun instead of weird and laughable."  I can't argue that that isn't a really good thing.  (I'm still a bit confused about what exactly Grown Sexy is, but I think they got it!)

I also really liked when Sean said - somewhere in all the pre-show interviews - that everyone really latched on to his decision to wait to have sex, but really it is "just one small part" of his faith in God.  YES!!!  Honeymoon Suite camera? NO!!!

From Catherine's Instagram that morning.
The wedding itself was stunning.  I mean, gorgeous.  How could you ever fault a girl for having her wedding on life TV if it got to look like THAT?!?!  Catherine was glowing and giddy, and Sean seemed SO genuine and in love.  Maybe I'm a darn fool, but I really think they GET this whole marriage thing and they are ALL IN.

Of course, the real star of the show was Sean's dad - who performed the ceremony.  (I read on Shay's blog that he actually had the stomach flu and missed the rehearsal dinner the night before.  Can you even believe that? #makesmelovehimevenmore.)  I mean, I bet his inbox is BLOWING UP with requests to do weddings all over the place.  SO. GOOD.  I loved that his words were not overly preachy or "religious," but that he also wasn't at all ashamed to admit that marriage without God is impossible and that ALL of this was for His glory.  It was beautiful.  (And, Sean's sobbing was just the icing on the cake.)


So, here's what I think...

Going on The Bachelor is a HUGE risk.  Yes because you will probably be humiliated on national television, but also because the cameras can really portray you however they want and - let's be honest - fame and popularity can easily go to your head.  No doubt. BUT, Sean has kind-of changed my view of why a Christian (someone truly following Jesus, not just saying they do) would go on a show like that.  Because, y'all, LOOK at his influence.  Millions of people watched their wedding on Sunday night and saw a couple that adores each other but acknowledges that even their love isn't strong enough without God.  Millions of people heard a tiny bit of the Gospel, and saw a beautiful couple that was able to fall madly in love while still being obedient to God.

I was proud to be a Bachelor fan on Sunday night.  A lot prouder than I was to be a Taylor Swift fan at least. ;)

P.S. You should totally read Sean's sister Shay's blog - Mix & Match Mama.  Especially her recaps of the wedding (and some behind-the-scenes details) here and hereShaeffer's recap is also pretty great.

P.S.S.Did anyone else notice that Lesley was a bridesmaid?  The producers totally played that down because we literally saw her face once, but still.... And Dez was in the crowd.  #Awkward

P.S.S.S.  (I know, this is getting ridiculous.) How hilarious were Catherine's vows?  Don't get me wrong, I loved them because they seemed so sincere and "her," but... "the light to my bug" ?!?! Bahaha!

P.S.S.S.S. (LastoneIpromise) Do you think there is any chance they would have a live reality show together now?  You know, kind-of life Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson - the original virgin celebrity couple... on second thought... maybe not.  #thatdidntturnoutsowell


  1. Excellent reflections on this monumental and historical event!!! ;) Not shockingly, I agree with you on all counts (except that I still like Juan Pablo and some of his girls). I also really loved how Sean said that the waiting-for-marriage was one tiny part of his true. Like, this isn't the sum total result of my decision to follow the way...ugh! ;) Totally love Sean's dad, too-- but I was a little sad that they showed so little of Catherine's family! At first I was thinking that maybe she didn't have a good relationship with them or something, since the whoooole show was like "I GET TO BE PART OF SEAN'S FAMILY NOW!!!!! WOOOO FAMILY!!!"...but then, the scene w/ her mom wedding dress shopping, and again at the was so sweet!! I wish we'd seen more of her family!! And more of Lesley being a bridesmaid!!! Come on, that's awesome...why couldn't we have heard about that instead of the stupid live honeymoon suite cam??!

  2. Great recap! I also watched the wedding over the Grammy's.
    Seriously how much do you think they spent on flowers? There were flowers everywhere... I can not even fathom how much their wedding budget was. Anyway, I thought the whole thing was super well done!

  3. I HOPE they have a reality show!!! I also love them and Shay's blog (and who am I kidding... I love Shaeffer's too!) :). Totally agree with your entire post, girl!

  4. I agree with you 100%! I was kind of skeptical of Sean's faith in the beginning (not that it's really my place to judge, but I felt like it was kind of a gimmick). But when I saw that Catherine got baptized recently plus their serious commitment about not having sex or living together before marriage, I was so pleased. It's SO rare that the choice to abstain from sex before marriage is lauded in our culture, so it really made me like them that much more. But really-- was the honeymoon suite cam necessary?? We get it-- they're gonna have sex for the first time. Let's move on... But holy wow, their wedding was GORGEOUS!

  5. I thought the whole "sex" line in the pre-show was so overdone. That was all they focused on! But as far as the wedding, I loved it! I'm also happy that Catherine was baptized a few weeks before the ceremony. Sean shows that Christians who wait aren't "weird"

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  8. Love it Elizabeth! I am a Bachelor fan too (follow Sean, Catherine, Trista, Ryan, JP, Ashley, Des, Chris..... on Twitter and follow Sean's sister's blog). I can't get enough and just love when their love makes it after the cameras turn off. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Sean and Catherine and some of the other Bachelor couples...they will have beautiful kids!

  9. Elizabeth, I love every thing about this post! You captured everything I felt about "The Bachelor Wedding" and more. AND Sean's sister has a blog?! Life changing. Thank you!!

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