Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Things I Learned In December

Happy Friday friends!  I have to admit, I'm a little bitter that we aren't getting the big snow storm the north east is getting right now; but, it's hard to complain about a two day work week...   I'm still struggling to find my blogging mojo after the long holiday break; but, today, for something quick and simple, I'm linking up with Five on Friday and Chatting at the Sky to share...

1. Gel manicures make me feel fancy and sophisticated. I got one with my mom and sister the Saturday before Christmas in a fun copper-sparkly color, and it is still going strong.  I've never been much of finger nail polish girl, mainly because I always seem to chip the polish before the end of the first day.  But, this polish lasts forever; and, there is something about having nice nails that really makes me feel like a grown-up.

2. I say "oh my gosh" a lot...
...and now, so does Sam. #momfail

3. Clutter really stresses me out; BUT, I spend more time shopping for more stuff than I do actually taking control and making order out of what I already have.  (This realization helped prompt my word for the year.)

4. The Elf on the Shelf was a self-published book written almost ten years ago.  Opinions aside, The Elf on the Shelf is a genius idea.  I love that the concept actually began over a cup of tea and was entirely self-published and promoted by three women. 

5. Chia seeds are not just for growing hair on little terracotta animals.  They are actually REALLY good for you, and have very little taste good or bad.  (I like mine mixed with yogurt and berries or oatmeal.)

*Bonus* Speaking of healthy foods I didn't know I liked, you need to try this recipe for Quinoa Pizza Casserole that I made last night - delish! (Thanks sister!)

And, just because, my favorite picture from December...

photo by Howard Chen
What did you learn this month? 

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  1. I love the gel manicures...I feel put together for once. :)

    I totally agree about the STUFF...I buy so much "stuff" to help me organize that it just creates a bigger mess!!

  2. Visiting from Five on Friday! Elf on the Shelf phenomenon totally fascinates me, such a good lesson in there about determination!

  3. My husband tells Noah "I'm serious," and whenever I'm explaining something to him, I ask "understand?"

    So, I've had a two year old tell me, "Mommy, I serious. Understand?" more than once. Pleasant...

  4. Can we have an Elf that sits around all year telling various people bad stories so the kids are excellent 24/7 365? That is my question!!! Your little fella is handsome :-) Have a great weekend.

  5. Love this. Adorable, especially the oh my gosh, because I do too :)

  6. Love that pic of Sam.. to cute with that hat! Enjoy all the snow.

    I am having SUCH an issue with clutter lately. I just donated two GIANT bags of toys and stuff and our play area is still disastrous because of all the XMAs loot... something NEEDS to change for next year.

  7. Totally agree about feeling more polished (heh heh) and pulled-together when my nails are done. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: I can have fab hair, makeup, and outfit...but if my nails are chipping and nasty, it kinda ruins the whole thing! Bummer.

  8. Holy moly YUM! Already popped on on over to the quinoa pizza casserole and am PUMPED that I have all ingredients in my pantry. Looks like that's on the to make list ASAP! YUM! Cheers, love!!! xx

  9. Love your post! I thought I was the only non crafty, non decorator, non ----- (fill in the blank) woman left on the planet…my heart lifted when I realized I'm not alone. lol.

    my bad mom word was "freaking" which sounds really bad when a 3 year old has a temper fit and says this…good news is she is now 13 and doesn't say this. :) adorable picture of your little man.

  10. 1) I also discovered chia seeds in December and cannot wait to use them more. 2) I need to try that recipe!


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