Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow-Week Gems

As usual, LOTS of goodies on the world wide web this week.  Cozy up by the fire and give 'em a read!

"Dear New Girl at the Gym" by Erica Millard
This was actually posted a few weeks ago, but I just found it, so it counts.  (Thanks for linking Katie!)  I needed to read this.  Good stuff.

"Let's Get Together, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" by Elizabeth Robertson Williams.
I was recently introduced to Elizabeth's blog from a mutual real-life friend, and I feel like we might be soul sisters already.  I love what she has to say about hospitality and taking it seriously when we say "let's get together" to people. (Although, I have to admit, when I first read the title I thought she was going to invite me to her house... And, I was pretty excited about that!)
"The Promise You Can't Keep in Marriage" by John Mark Comer for Relevant Magazine.
This is a great article about what marriage IS and what it is NOT.  The idea that it isn't supposed to make you "happy" can be hard to accept, but also so freeing! A great message - especially after this week of loooove. :)

"Living Small: Current Thoughts" on The Vanilla Tulip
The Vanilla Tulip shared master bedroom/nursery
I have so much respect for Ashley.  She and her husband are raising their four beautiful kids in an 1,100 square foot cottage with two bedrooms and - I'm not kidding - it is one of my FAVORITE houses in the blogosphere. (If you want, start by reading the Introduction to her Living Small series here.  I love her heart and am so inspired by the life she is intentionally living.)

"Why Sean Lowe's Story Matters" (with a link to his "I Am Second" video) on Annie Blogs
If you read my post about Sean & Catherine's wedding, you know how much I agree with what she is saying...  And, you totally need to watch the video.

Also loving...

This necklace.

The new-and-improved Room to Romp website - especially this cute spring outfit for Sam.

This amazing striped tunic (with pockets).

This perfect Valentine's gift from my main squeeze:

I have had my eye on these for a while now, and Jeff finally picked up on my - not so subtle - hints. #heisakeeper I just sent in our photos and CAN'T WAIT to see the finished product of our little family in a few weeks!

And, finally, congratulations to Veronica - the lucky winner of the Valentine's Group Give Away! Look for one of these cuties headed your way from me!


  1. I love Ashley, too!! Found her blog earlier this year and - this week - I am doing her blog mentorship program!!

  2. suchhhhh a good article! i've had my eye on a little buffalo family print foreverrrr!! jealous!

  3. The greatest article!!! Love it. colours are manifique!!

  4. Not sure if you've been doing this, but I'm so glad you added snippets of the articles this week...I'm definitely going to start following Ashley. Thanks for the good stuff!

  5. Great recommendations!!! Especially love the workout letter (duh) and Annie's post about Sean...did you know I knew Annie in college? Small world! :)

  6. Thanks for including my post, Elizabeth! And for REAL, let's get together!! You are welcome at my house any time!!


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