Monday, June 29, 2009

The Evolution of Dog Ownership

When Jeff and I first brought Addy home, I had agreed to a short list of Jeff's rules for having a dog. I, of course, never intended to actually follow these rules, but I figured it was worth a few days of promising in order to actually get the puppy I had been wanting for so long...

Rule #1: The dog will stay outside or in her crate at all times when we are not home.

Rule #2: The dog must stay on the ground floor of the house. She is NEVER allowed in the bedroom.

Rule #3: Our dog will always remember that she is a DOG.

The following pictures are intended to show you how well these rules (specifically the third one) have turned out in the 13 months or so that we've had Addy.

These were taken this past weekend at the lake, where she traveled on my lap, wore a life jacket, rode in a float, and slept in bed beside us. :)

Nothing softens a man's heart like a beautiful blonde!

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