Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reason #1...

... Why living in your hometown can be difficult:

Let's just get right to the point... I have gained a lot of weight since graduating from high school. There, now it is out in the open.

So this summer, I have committed to eating healthier and working out more often. (Lucky you, getting to follow this wild adventure too!) And so far, I've done pretty well... (2 days and counting!) Well, yesterday I went to a kickboxing class with my mom at our gym. I had brand new tennis shoes to sport and, since it was stifling hot here yesterday, I decided to wear a pair of shorts to the class. Problem is: my shorts were a little too short and tight around the thighs. (Is this awkward? I'm sorry for the mental image.)

So... I walk into the class a few minutes late and who is right beside my mom -- but a friend from high school who also happens to be the posterchild for exercise. Now, as if being in a hot room surrounded by mirrors was not enough, I have to stand next to this beautiful girl (who literally did not drop a bead of sweat) with my shorty-shorts riding up on me, literally drenched in sweat. Awesome!

In conclusion:

Dear friend at the gym,
Please know that I was well aware of the way my legs looked in those shorts - and I'm not proud of it. I did fail to consider the number of kicks and leg raises presented in a kickboxing class when selecting an outfit to wear. I was thoroughly embarrassed and apologize for what you may have seen. Believe it or not, being at the class was really an attempt to correct the problem! Thank you for not judging in your heart.


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  1. e - told you I would read your blog :-) thanks for continuing the posts. i love it. this cracked me up. i only wish I had heard you tell it in person.


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