Thursday, July 9, 2009

Awkward Social Networking

Earlier this week, Jeff and I decided we would attend a "networking" event tonight hosted by a group for young professionals in Roanoke that we recently joined. This is not our usual scene, but we decided it would be a good opportunity to meet some new people and enjoy a free beer from a local microbrewery. ( - if you are interested.)

Anyways, around six this evening I wasn't feeling it, but Jeff so wisely said to me, "Elizabeth, the only difference between trying and triumph, is a little umph!" Oh my husband! So, off we went.

Well, the social was awkward to say the least. We knew NO one, and we honestly looked like two fifteen year olds that snuck in for the free booze! (I feel certain that at least one couple was whispering about us.) As if our appearance wasn't bad enough, at one point I attempted to make conversation with a girl who looked like someone I went to high school with, but... surprise - It wasn't her! (I realized this only AFTER interrupting her conversation to pat her on the shoulder and look closely at her face.)

After a whopping 25 minutes spent lingering and pretending to be interested in the memorabilia on the walls, we made a great escape at approximately 7:30. I guess we aren't really cut out for social networking.

I should add, however, that the night wasn't a total bust. Jeff did take me out for Mexican food after I whined about "getting all dressed up" for nothing. There is, afterall, a silver lining to all dark clouds! :)

**Side note: In lieu of actually going out in public to meet clients, Jeff (and the amazing Howard) have designed this awesome postcard for marketing. Enjoy!

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