Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer School Blues

Well, summer school is officially underway now. I met my twenty-two darlings on Tuesday and we've enjoyed a wonderful 18 hours together so far. A few highlights:

- I have to wear a headset/microphone (picture Britney Spears) all day so that one of my students with a hearing impairment can hear me. The rest of the students just get magnified snorts and grunts as I struggle with allergies. (I will try to post a picture of me in my rockstar headgear later.)

- My old high school principal is the Summer School principal this year. She keeps calling me "Missy" (I don't know why) and on the first day she literally paraded me across the stage of the auditorium to "introduce" me to the students. She did not do this to any of the other teachers.

-Today I said, "That's the way I like it!" in response to the class getting settled and quiet quickly. To which, an unknown voice yelled out, "That's what she said." Awesome. Nothing like a little sexual reference to get the morning started.

In other news:
Congratulations to our friends Tzu and Diana who just got engaged! Yay weddings!

More updates soon. Stay tuned for details from our camping trip and the start of our rec kickball league season...


  1. Hahahaha I literally almost just peed my pants. Herbie(s). Doc Cobble. Headset. It's too much.

  2. Ha ha...I totally just laughed out loud. And then I read this to Alan who also laughed. And said how glad he was he wasn't teaching summer school. I've decided that if you ever were to go on Young Life staff you could be on program just based on this one blog entry. Well done. =)

  3. I'm totally with you on the accidental sexual innuendo...I hate it when I realize I've just said something that can be, "the bigger the better"...I think high schoolers can take almost anything the wrong way though :oP


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