Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend in the Woods

Well, I survived two nights in the woods with pit toilets!

This weekend, Jeff, Addy, & I went camping with a group of friends from church in Brevard, North Carolina. As you might have guessed, a tent on wet grass isn't really my style, but I honestly had a blast. The campsite was absolutely beautiful; we hiked to some incredible waterfalls, ate some good smores and dogs, and I LOVED sitting around a fire with friends and the music of our new friend "Bean" on the banjo. Maybe I can be a camper after all!


  1. Hate we couldn't join! See E - you do love hiking and camping! =) Love the caption "ding on a stick". hilarious.

  2. what has happened to you E??? I did not teach y ou to say "ding " on a stick!!!


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