Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

It's back to work I go!

I've been catching a lot of slack for not updating my blog lately. My apologies to all seven of my loyal blog followers! :) Hopefully, now that school is back in full swing and I'm beginning to catch a life again, I will get back on track with my updates.

So, today is my third day of my third year of teaching. Happy Golden Anniversary to me! :) So far things are going well. I have my own classroom this year - which is a HUGE step-up from the "Rolling Thunder Show" that was my cart. It is decorated in bright colors, Christmas lights, a couch, and leopard print... VERY 1970s brothelish -perfect for learning. I also have really excellent students - I'm lucky, what can I say?

I am still reflecting a lot on my style advice from a week or so back. Today, I dressed in my ultra preppy Lily Pulitzer dress, only to turn on the lights in one of my classes and have a student act as if she was blinded and say, "WOW, your dress is SO BRIGHT." I'm not really sure whether that is a compliment or not.

Also, last weekend I went over to visit Granny and Poppy and found my sister sitting on the floor with a towel spread out and TONS of make-up. Honestly, she could have painted the faces of an entire Miss America Pagent. Lucky me - I had won a free makeover! I left looking quite orange and glistening, or, in the words of Poppy: "You look different. You look good." Awesome.

Anyways, there's an update for now. I will try to post more (including pics of my classroom)soon.

Until next time...

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  1. Oooh- your classroom sounds SO much cooler than Alan's. I read off to him what your classroom has and he just looked at me blankly. I recall him saying last year a few female teachers brought him posters in a show of sympathy for his poorly decorated classroom. He did not use most of them because he thought they were 'lame'. Yeah, nothing says fun like blank white walls.


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