Monday, August 31, 2009

What's Black and White & Walked All Over?

Today, to introduce a unit on Reading Strategies for my "Test Taking Skills" class, I led students on a scavenger hunt around the classroom. I had written out little riddles on paper that led them from one area in the room to another.

For one of the clues I wrote: "What's black and white and walked all over?" This was the black and white rug in my classroom - of course! BUT, upon reading the clue aloud, one of my little smarties yelled out: "MEN. They be black and white, and they always get walked all over!"

Haha. The wise words of teenagers.

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  1. Elizabeth, your blog totally cracks me up!! I think I found the link to it on your FB page, so of course I checked it out. I have to tell you...I almost peed my pants when I read your post about the girl who asked to take a bath during your dinner party...oh my goodness, I was dying laughing!!


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