Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crazy Kickboxers

Usually when I am in kickboxing class and the instructor tells us to pretend we are punching someone we can't stand, I imagine my arms getting skinnier instead and that gets me through it. I just don't have a lot of "enemies," if you will. But yesterday, crazy kickboxer behind me in the line-up, I was punching YOU.

At first I thought it was strange when you were doing a completely different routine - maybe kickboxing, maybe not - from the entire class. Then, I began to get annoyed. It is hard enough for me to stay with everyone when we are all doing the same thing, nevermind when the person directly behind me is in another world. Do you think the work-out we are doing isn't "challenging" enough? I mean, not to be rude, but it really doesn't look like all your "hard work" is paying off. Then, when we were doing partner moves and you actually put your fingers in your ears to block out the music - I started to really get angry. Were we interrupting you? WHY are you at the class anyways? Couldn't this be done in your backyard, where at least the risk of getting run over or punched by others is greatly decreased? Friend, PLEASE re-evaluate your gym etiquette and refer to the handbook for the purpose of "group" exercise. I'd hate to see what might happen the next time they tell me to "PUNCH the lights out" of my worst enemy.

By the way, little lady with the camo skirt (selected especially for the "Body Combat" occasion, I'm sure) and full face of make-up. YOU were in a close second place. It is difficult to see you bouncing around and smiling like you're at a party, when I am literally flooding the gym in sweat. Thanks.


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