Thursday, September 10, 2009

RIP Kickball Dynasty

... Until next year...

Well, our season officially ended Tuesday night.

Brew Crew Final Stats: 11 - 1

So sad.

Twelve games, two trophies (complete with little red balls on top), two scarred knees, one pair of ruined tennis shoes, and a face dive later, it all came down to this:

The last play of the championship game. The score is 3 - 3. Bottom of the seventh inning, two outs, bases loaded, we're in the field. And... the ball comes to ME. Please note that not a single ball has come to me (right field - basically I just run after fouls every once in a while and cheer on Aric at first) ALL SEASON. For a moment, I was feeling good - eye on the ball, arms ready, and then OOPS - it slips right through my hands (go figure). Our opponents score a fourth run and we "line it up." Sad day in Brew Crew history... and my only "contribution" to the team.

Please accept this as my humble apology.

In the midst of tears, please enjoy a few photos to relive the Glory Days.

Photos courtesy of our professional photographer Howard (available for weddings, portraits, etc.)

Me in my standard position - exceptionally alert and athletic looking.

The "Chapman Channel" - just TRY to get through this folks!

Game over.

Our loyal fans: Dear Grandmother and The Don (wearing our team Rally Cap). Thank goodness grandmother is 90% blind - I told her after the game that I scored two runs and won the game for us. :)

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  1. Hahaha... how about Jeff asked Grandmother at the end of the game, "So what did you think?"

    Her response: "I think you lost."

    Sounds about right!

    To your credit, you are definitely NOT the reason we lost that game :)


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