Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo Op?

So after yesterday's entry, Jeff told me I needed to "get out" more so that interesting things happened to me. Little did I know...

Less than an hour later, my friend Katie & I were running down the street, when we saw a friendly looking man with a rottweiler standing in his yard smiling from a mile away. This man looked so happy - how could I just run right past?

Being a friendly neighbor,I allowed Addy to sniff the rottweiler (Gus)'s rear end and introduced myself to this nice man. We made small talk for a few minutes and he said he had just moved into this house about a month ago. I preceded to tell him EXACTLY what house I lived in and my full name. *Katie also introduced herself and I'm pretty positive he thought we were lesbians, because he then kept referring to us as "Elizabeth & Katie Chapman." Awkward.

Then, out of nowhere, this man pulls out a digital camera & asks if he can take our picture. WHAT?!? Now, in hindsight, I realize there were plenty of ways for me to get out of this situation... but at the time I felt trapped.

Me: "Um......."
Van (that's his name): "I know this is weird, but I run a greeting card business & I'd like to make you a personalized greeting card."
Me: "Ok"

With that, Katie, Addy, and I proceeded to "pose" for what he kept calling "a family photo." Is this so strange or what?

Long story short, we ran off and left this man with not only my full name and address - but also a picture. I'm probably on some creepy bulletin board somewhere as "the lesbian family down the street."

Why do these things happen to me?

Good news, he didn't come kidnap me last night... so I'm probably safe. Still - if I disappear any time soon please send the police to find Van with the rottweiler. Thanks.


  1. Ha ha...seriously sketchy. We bought our changing table from a lesbian couple. Alan said they weren't "the cool kind of lesbians." I was like "what does that mean?" He said "they weren't very pretty." I guess you and Katie might fall into "the cool kind of lesbians." ;-)

  2. so i'm not surprised.
    rotweilers are heinous.

    you did make it to
    all the 9th grade boys voted HOT

    great - good job
    miss you


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