Thursday, August 6, 2009

Road Rage

I honestly did not set out to make this blog "The Poppy Chronicles" - however, I'm sure one day it will be a treasure to have all these memories written down. So... without further adieu, I bring you: ROAD RAGE.

To set the scene...

THIS is what Poppy was wearing when I showed up to take him to his doctor's appointment yesterday. Not only was it plaid-on-plaid (a HUGE fashion no-no), but the shirt was stained and he had missed a few buttons at the bottom. After he told me my shirt made me look "PG" (which means pregnant - awesome), I finally convinced him to change clothes before we left.

Later, on the way home, a white mini-van cut me off in the turning lane and I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting it. I, being an awful driver myself, wasn't really phased by this. Poppy, however, was FURIOUS. Immediately he began mumbling about terrible women drivers and literally INSISTED that I pull up next to this derelict driver. (You do NOT argue with an old man... it isn't worth the energy.)

Upon doing this, we realize the the driver is, in fact, an old lady. She can barely see over the steering wheel and has a handicapped sign dangling from her rear view mirror. This, in itself, was plenty of reason for me to forgive and drive on. But Poppy - without warning - began BANGING on my passenger window, pointing his finger at the lady, and yelling crazily at her. Awesome.

I drove off as fast as I could, but I am haunted this morning by the trauma we must have caused this poor little lady. So - if any of you know a white mini-van driving granny in the Roanoke area... please express my deepest apologies for my cranky Poppy. There is just no controlling him!

Until next time...


  1. Ha ha...I love Poppy. I WANT you to write a blog called "Poppy's stories" and I would totally read it daily.

  2. hahahaha... schub and I are both sitting at the breakfast table literally laughing out loud. Schub thinks Poppy sounds like a cool old man.


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