Monday, September 28, 2009

Birth Control

Don't worry... this isn't a graphic post. :)

Last night, Jeff and I babysat for a friend's four kids - ages 2 months to 8. It was wild. Despite one minor (and messy) poop incident, I was in heaven all night; and Jeff's facial expressions & candid comments only added to my joy! :)

I learned a lot about my husband's future parenting style from this endeavor.

Jeff's motto:

"When all else fails... Give up."

Can't get the kids to go to bed - ok - just stay up and watch TV instead.

Can't handle the smell of a dirty diaper - ok - just hold baby at arms length and wait for wife.

Can't decide on just one bedtime story - ok - we'll read all 27.

(Perhaps I should have suspected this about Jeff from last summer when we "lost" another friend's two puppies and Jeff walked the neighborhood for all of 30 minutes before declaring it a "lost cause.")

I tried to encourage Jeff with subtle comments like "You are great with them!" Or "the baby likes you..." but he just said: "STOP trying to make me want to have a baby!" Haha. He's on to me.

So this might have been the most natural form of birth control ever for Jeff, but at the end of the night, the sight of my husband curled up in bed with a sleepy toddler reading Bible Stories... I can't wait!

(One week to go... still going strong.)


  1. hahahaha... this has me giggling out loud in my office. can't wait for the little chapman babies!

  2. Ha ha- and it's totally different when they are your own kids, too. It's like love times infinity! Alan was adamant that he didn't EVER want kids until we started dating and I said I'd never marry someone who didn't want kids. Then he wanted kids. =) Just to clarify he wasn't my YL leader at said (or at any) time. ;-)


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