Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Madame General Tso

Introducing... Tso Chen.

This is Howard's new puppy/ Addy's new friend.

I think she looks a bit like Golom from Lord of the Rings... But I like her a lot.
Howard's brother Tzu (Tso is named after him) found the little pup in Raleigh last week, so the verdict is still out on her origin -- I'm guessing Boxer - Great Dane mix. What do you think? Either way, she is a girl of the street.

In honor of the new pup, I am eating Chinese tonight.

Brown rice and vegetables only, of course.

Day 15 - Check
Day 16 - Check
Day 17 - **Pray for me tonight as we bake 1,000 cookies at our house for Bible Study. (Literally.) I'm so close.

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