Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adult Sorority

First things first...

Day 2: Check
Caffeine Headache: Check
Day 3: Half-way there! (Tonight, I will defeat Howard the baker with my incredible will power.)

I joined an adult sorority.

Ok, it's really the Junior League of Roanoke. But, it looks a lot like a sorority; and honestly, it sounds a lot funnier that way too. The Junior League is a women's organization committed to community service and leadership. (I think, secretly, they also have something in the water that makes everyone super cute and "put together." I'm hoping it will rub off.)

This Saturday was our orientation, and last night was the first general membership meeting of the year. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Ooh- I remember the junior league in Texas! It totally WAS a sorority. They wanted my mom to join and when she wouldn't (she had 4 kids to raise and was a tad busy) some of the ladies were mad at her and would walk by with their noses up in the air. I swear! And you're already super cute and put together!

  2. YUCK! Diet sounds miserable, and Junior League takes miserable to a WHOOOOLE 'nother level for me. Im glad you're enjoying it though. Love you.

  3. Ps, for some dumb reason this whole blog thing hates me, and is using my AIM screen name, which has not been used in literally over 3 years. So, in case you didn't know, swimnkt86 is your darling sister.


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