Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Day 1 - Check!

Yesterday wasn't as bad as I expected. I think it helps that I have a horrible sinus infection, so my appetite is slightly decreased and the caffeine withdrawl symptoms are disguised as a legitimate illness... either way, I made it! Only 20 days to go.

In reflecting on my first day, I would like to tell you what my dear husband ate for dinner last night in support of my new eating plan.

1. "The Big Hardee"
2. French Fries
3. A large sweet tea
4. A bowl of icecream WITH two Oreo Cakesters.

This from a guy who normally would just eat a bowl of cereal for dinner & shake his head when I go in for seconds. SUCH a saboteur.


  1. E, you are hilarious and while I think you always look great, I'm glad you're blogging about this endeavor! Count me in on the E support team (aka blog readers). I love keeping up with you on here!

  2. What did you eat!?!! Feel better soon! =) And great job!

  3. Oh man, what is wrong with those boys?? When I did that mini cleanse where I had to eat vegetable soup for dinner, Davey decided to cook a feast of eggs, biscuits and sausage... jerks!

  4. keep it up
    life will only suck for a bit
    i know your pain - b/c i biked across the cc ate whatever i wanted and actually gained weight. now i'm back on an eating plan myself.
    i miss your face


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