Thursday, September 17, 2009

I thought you might be getting bored...

...hearing about my eating habits on a daily basis, so I figured the Facebook post would suffice for today. Then, just now, I got a text from a friend who seemed to believe that my lack of a blog post = two cheeseburgers and Howard's cookies.

Well, I've got news for you haters. I'm still in!!!

Day 3 = check
Day 4 = check (I don't forsee a meltdown in the next two hours at least.)

A few updates:

- I went head on with Howard's cookies (which by the way were made with a BROWNIE INSIDE THEM - who's even heard of that?!?) and I WON. I even fought my desire all day today as he just "accidently" left a basket of leftovers on our counter last night. Jerk! *I know it has only been four days, but I definitely believe that the less you eat sugar, the less you crave it. There have been plenty of times in my life when I would have dreamed/thought about those cookies on my counter ALL night and then made a mad rush in weakness for them as soon as the sun came up. Whew... glad to see I'm "maturing."

- My husband has gone crazy. Despite the fact that I went grocery shopping on Sunday night to stock up on healthy food, he went again today and bought such items as: sausage biscuits, chocolate chip waffles, frozen pizza, and even - here's the real kicker - stuff to make a chocolate cake because he "just feels like baking." Oh sweet husband, thank you for your support. One day I will be the skinny one - just wait.

- I'm obsessed with peanut butter and banana on whole wheat. This is not cheating; and, if you want to argue about peanut butter with me, save it! I'm not in the mood. Its the one thing I can eat with some substance.

- My caffeine headaches have actually passed - I think. It feels pretty nice to not need caffeine in the morning. Last night, my friend Katie brought over decaf coffee for me which made me really excited UNTIL I realized I'd have to drink it black. I'm just not that devoted of a drinker. Today, I bought some french vanilla soy creamer, so we'll see how that goes.

Ok that's it for now. Only 17 days to go!! (P.S. I recommend one week for those of you interested in a "challenge." It seems a lot more manageable.)

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