Friday, September 18, 2009

In case you were wondering...

I completed day 5! I even managed to hold it together despite a cook-out at our house with blue cheese burgers, potato salad, hotdogs, and chili. (If you can't tell... I'm thinking about the food I missed out on a little bit.) Oh well - I'm feeling pretty victorious at this point! I'm going to be honest, I've already gone about four days longer than I thought I would. 21... here we come!

In between fighting food cravings, we went to a high school football game tonight. I'm convinced that there is really no better way to see the true colors of a neighborhood than to attend their high school football games. One of my students was in the front row of the student section tonight wearing nothing but crushed velvet biker shorts... that could be awkward on Monday morning. Plus, I actually heard a lady next to us threaten to charge someone with assault because her daughter got knocked down when the crowd got too wild at the end of the game. Come on people!

Anyways, I'm going to bed hungry. Goodnight.

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