Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Fur (Addy fur primarily)

This weekend was packed with all of the above!!

The adventures began Friday night with the second annual "DaPalooza" celebrating my best friend Amanda's 26th birthday at a cabin/campsite in Bedford. You can't beat a campfire in late October - especially with some of our very best friends!

Then, today, the entire Mulvaney/Chapman clan loaded up for a day of fall festivities. We took a beautiful scenic drive to Blacksburg to admire the colorful leaves, then ate lunch at Jeff's favorite: Cabo Fish Taco, and spent the afternoon at Sinkland Farms picking out pumpkins, petting animals, and eating Kettle Korn. Jeff & I know how incredibly blessed we are to have both families so close by and such good friends with each other. Plus, as an added bonus, time spent with both of them is always a hoot!! Here's some documentation:

Here we are all crowded in the car like a bunch of nerds... Kathryn was so pissed that we had to take a picture before we even got off of our street. Thank goodness for minivans!

My mom kissing a mini-ature horse.

World's greatest pumpkin?

Addy watching the chickens in the petting zoo.

What a wonderful weekend filled with favorites!!
(**Do you like all the alliteration in this post? It's just a little English teacher naturally coming out in me.)

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  1. I love it all!!! and I so agree, good times, good times!!!


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