Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am THAT Girl

A few days ago I heard a speaker say, "you all have a friend who goes on a diet every three weeks and then complains that nothing works..."

I haven't been able to get that out of my head... I am that girl. I don't really know what to say. Call it lack of discipline. Call it the need for instant gratification. Call it what you will, but it is true. This is a harsh reality I am learning to accept.

Acknowledging that, I have been hesitant to share my latest endeavor: Weight Watchers.

At Poppy's penny and with Kathryn as my side kick, I began attending Weight Watchers meetings (for the third time, I might add) last Wednesday. Yesterday was my first weigh in and, despite the fact that I really didn't stick to the plan at all, I had a decently significant 3.5 pound loss. Today, at least, I am feeling more motivated.

Attending these meetings with my sister is ridiculous. She really doesn't need to lose weight, but I knew that her sense of humor and "put it all out there" attitude would keep me going. She has not failed me:

When we sit at the meetings, I am taken back to high school. I am the nerdy girl who wants to answer all the questions and earn as many "Bravo Points" as possible. Kathryn is the "too cool for school" girl, who rolls her eyes at me and kicks me when I try to speak up. Instead of actively participating, she mostly just comments rudely under her breath about everything. For example, during week one she suggested that we "Boo" the woman who so vulnerably admitted that she had cheated the plan over the weekend, and made such statements as "Wouldn't you like to see HER at the gym?" about the lady with big hair who has already lost 90 pounds. Oh to be as confident as my sister.

This week, Kathryn tossed out "laxatives" when the instructor asked what we should add to our diet to increase our overall health and add to weight loss. Really? There is never a dull moment.

I might be that girl; but, I am having fun (sometimes) in the process.

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  1. Just peed my pants! Your dearest sister is one of a kind for sure! :) And that's why we love her!


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