Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Weight is OVER...

...Literally OVER. (Are you tired of my bad puns yet?)

If you guessed that my weight was 2 pounds OVER last week's weigh in, you are the big winner. Stink.

So it was a bad week, I'm owning it. Tomorrow is a new day.

Other hilariousities:

One, my friend Megan starved herself today for the WW weigh-in. In fact, she was so hungry that she actually brought a slice of pizza in her purse and ate it DURING the meeting. Ridiculous!! (P.S. She is at WW so she can lose weight before riding a MULE in January down the Grand Canyon --- this puts my motivation to shame.)

Two, the "coach" at Weight Watchers tonight actually said: "It is very important that you drink your 48 ounces of water because lack of liquids lead to dehydration, which can cause death. If you are deceased, you will never make your goal weight." Wow... so encouraging and practical. Haha.

1 comment:

  1. here is my new plan and maybe you will join me:
    eat like an american for two years straight - enjoying everything.
    get to the point of death in obesity
    get picked for biggest loser
    instant fame and fortune.
    you in?


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