Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Weighting Game

No really... don't.

This is a little game I like to play with myself on Wednesdays. Why? Because Wednesday is Weight Watcher's Weigh In Day. This is the day that I get to find out what kind-of damage all the Kettlecorn, cupcakes, Halloween candy, and chips & salsa has done in the past week. This is also the day that I get to refuse my regular afternoon snack in hopes of saving an extra .2 lbs from the scale. This is a very scary day.

My meeting is at 6PM tonight. I am headed to the gym right after work to sweat off another.2 lbs. Every little bit helps!!

I'll report back tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Do you like WW!? I want to join!! I'm terrified of public scales though, will that be a problem? My sister went to me to one of my doctor's appts while I was preggo and I made the nurse kick her out of the room when I got weighed. The B kept looking at the scale! She's also 5'11" and 130 lbs. Ew.


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