Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

If you are a 15 year-old boy, or my husband and his friends, you know that today is a very special day: It is the release day for the video game 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.' If you are especially dedicated - like my 25 year-old husband & his friends - you went to Walmart at midnight last night. **This is probably the dorkiest thing I've ever heard of, but I try not to judge. Imagine if I tried to do this on the day JCrew released a new cardigan.

A little history is needed here...

Jeff's video gaming addiction began back in high school - an acceptable time to experiment with "hobbies," in my opinion. Through-out college his interest decreased -- a reasonable ebb -- and by the time we got married, we didn't even own a gaming system. (See how well I now know the lingo?)

THEN, on the eve of another one of these releases a little over two years ago, in the spirit of being a "cool" new wife, I accompanied my husband to Walmart late at night in a moment of frivolous passion to buy an Xbox 360. If only I had known what I was signing up for... (SIDE NOTE: This is probably the first and only frivilous purchase Jeff has ever made.)

In our small apartment, the video gaming began. We even set up a separate TV for his game so that it didn't have to dominate my life too. Then, one afternoon, in the name of re-decorating, I dropped the hunk of a television (I had to call Poppy to come over and help me pick it up again... You know you are desperate when you call a 91 year old for help lifting heavy objects). The TV was no more.

And so began a two year hiatus. During that time, we moved into a new house and I graciously offered Jeff a small upstairs closet with the broken TV and a beanbag to serve as his game room. I fondly referred to it as the "clubhouse," but Jeff didn't buy it. Xbox went untouched.

THEN... Howard lost his job. This might not sound like something that would effect our life too directly; but, trust me, it does. Howard had a lot of extra time on his hands and a spare flat screen just laying around; thus, the creation of the MAN CAVE. Just months ago Jeff & Howard set out to build some space for their ridiculous addictions in the basement. **This is really just an unfinished basement with one wall, a nice TV, and excellent surround sound. Whatever floats your boat.

Welcome to my life. There is nothing like decorating your upstairs and lighting a relaxing Pumpkin Spice candle with the sound of warfare echoing through the house. (Sigh.)

Hello 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2,'
Please make yourself at home in my basement (under no circumstances are you allowed upstairs). I know you will be having an affair with my husband for the next two to three weeks, but I expect to have him home safely by the holidays.
Thank you,

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