Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Facebook Envy

Is it just me, or is Facebook ruining any one else's self-confidence and contentment?

I admit that I have a little bit of a Facebook obsession. I really like it - especially when people post pictures and/or funny status updates. However, I've started to realize that Facebook really makes me feel bad about myself. Why?

For starters, people only post beautiful pictures of themselves and feel totally comfortable tagging hideous ones of other people. I'm not really a photo poster, therefore, the pictures of me are ugly while everyone else seems to be getting skinnier, happier, and tanner with each day.

Second, rarely do people post things about every day "adventures" like working or going to class. Instead, it seems that all of my friends are travelling around the world, meeting celebrities, saving kittens, etc. etc. etc. Honestly, life appears to be exceptionally exciting for everyone BUT me.

Also, Facebook makes me become slightly stalkerish, and I feel left-out of things I would never even normally know about. Example: If a friend writes on another friend's wall about getting lunch, I am hurt that I wasn't invited. What is wrong with me, really?

Finally, FB just makes me want to have a baby THAT much more. (Preferably, one that I can dress up really cutely, take pictures of at all events/holidays, and write funny stories about.) Really, the things I am most envious of involve baking while my baby naps, or taking my pre-schooler to Story Time... Oh, one day...

Hmm... Could it be time for a social networking detox? Anyone with me?


  1. I think I could of written that blog myself. I give myself a time limit. Let me know if you need any other pointers. :)

  2. Love that you wrote this! I am happy to know I am not the only one that has felt this way. Everybody on FB also seems to have a fabulous home as well. :) I am embarrassed that at 38, I would still feel some of these feelings, but sometimes I think the high schooler in all of us always exists. Ironically, I am going to post a link to this on my FB! :) I am curious if any of my friends have felt this way too...

  3. I used to be on Facebook all the time and kept running into these issues, so I finally made a conscious choice to scale back on how often I log in. It was making me too jealous of other people, and made me feel kind of lonely instead of more connected. (Besides which, Fb is a huge time suck).

  4. It is healthy to keep the perspective that ppl are posting the "glam" stuff. I, for example, edit photos and make conscious decisions about what I post. From the outside, it probably looks great. Truth is, my life is just as boring as the next guy. I agree with Marie...fb makes me feel more dis-connected and lonely. I really need to cut back and get a life. I find the people with real lives, aren't on fb much. Duh right?!

  5. Im sitting here crying cause i really thought it was me just envying people that I haven't thought about in years and jealous of people that weren't even my friends just classmates in passing. I have never really cared what other people have. i have always been a self-absorbed person that is basically feels like if it doesn't concern me who cares; but, facebook makes me wish i was more friendly and more out going and that i had kept in touch with more people through out the years. I know most of it is all a facade but its a very convincing one. I'm just glad there honest people that are not scared to confess they feel the same way. thanks for article it has really helped me.

  6. I appreciate the comments; I just felt worse after logging onto FB. It looks like everyone is doing much better than me. Better holidays, etc. Oh well; even if it is true, I think I am better off interacting with my friends in person.

    Someone renamed Facebook...FAKEBOOK. HA

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