Sunday, November 8, 2009

Commenting 101

It has come to my attention that many of my readers are unable to post comments following the blog entry. I REALLY want to see who is reading & hear what you have to say. So, the teacher in me has put together some instructions for posting comments. If you follow these four easy steps, you too can be an active blog participator:

1. Click on the orange "Comment" link at the bottom of my entry.

2. Type your comment into the box provided.

(Now this is where things get tricky...)

3. Next to the words "Comment As" select an option from the scroll down menu:
- If you have a Gmail, AIM, WordPress, or LiveJournal account, this is SUPER easy: Just click on that option, type in your account name, and click "Continue." **Some readers, like my devoted sister, have even reverted back to their 1990 AOL username, soley for posting purposes.
- If you have a website (or your own blog), click on "Name/URL," fill in the information, and click "Continue."
- If you have none of the above, choose "Anonymous" from the menu and just be sure to add your name to the end of your post.

4. Don't forget to click on "Publish Post" when everything has gone through.

Easy as pie... Here's to hoping many more comment!!

(P.S. If you aren't reading the comment section of the blog, I highly recommend it. My friends are much funnier than I am.)


  1. Oh, I'm SO stealing this (don't worry- I'll reference your blog and bring you more followers! =)). I have so many friends/family members who are confused by commenting. I saw a sign at the library that said 'Facebook Class, 1:30' and I laughed. But maybe you should see if you can offer a 'blog commenting class' there.
    And yes- I TOTALLY, totally want to hang out. =)

  2. This is Freda practicing.

  3. CAN'T GET IT!!!:(:(

  4. hey E, i'm at this again!!!! love you


Your comments are what makes this thing fun! I LOVE to hear from you and do my best to respond to everyone! THANK YOU!

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