Monday, November 9, 2009

Pet Peeve

I try not to be one of those English teachers that goes around nagging her friends about their language. That said, sometimes little things just jump out and drive me crazy. This isn't my only pet peeve or the most important, rest assured. BUT, recently this little mistake seems to keep popping up in all sorts of everyday places (i.e. facebook, text messages, etc. etc.).

So, a little English lesson for you today:

The word meaning "the same," "as already stated," "what she said," is DITTO.

DIDO, on the other hand, actually means "a trick or prank." It is also the name of a greek goddess, and most recently, an English musician best known for the highly esteemed work done with Eminem on the 8 Mile movie soundtrack.
Just in case there was any confusion.

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