Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fashion Frustration

This morning, because I was feeling especially put-togetherish, I decided to starch and iron my pants before work. Big mistake.

Apparently, I did something wrong because I have been sticking to chairs and making weird rubbing noises all day. At least my pants are pleated.

ALSO, I bought a cute, new, trendy outfit to wear to a party tonight ONLY to find out that, because of the torrential downpours, everyone is wearing jeans.

This is why I don't try.

P.S. How cute & funny are these?


  1. Bahahaha. Thats too funny. Love you sister. Where did you get your outfit? I thought we decided on something to wear, that you already had?! posting WITHOUT circa 1994 sn.this is your sister,kathryn, incase you thought someone from the hood was calling you "sista"

  2. Since my sister decided to NOT add the best part of this post; the reason why it actually is funny... I will share. The pants that she starched... yea, they were cords. NOT dress pants...but casual pants that should NEVER be starched, baha.


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