Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Important Life Decision - We Need Your Help!

First of all, let me assure all of you that I have Jeff's complete approval and support in posting about this very private topic. This is something that we have been discussing and thinking about for some time now and even consulted a number of experts, but we have reached a point of desperation. We need your help making this very important life decision.

Here goes:

As you may have noticed, my dear husband has begun losing his hair. This is a shot of the top of his head -- notice the thinning and receding.

This decision is not as easy as one might think. On today's market, there are a number of options for regrowing and reviving hair. However, besides a little gel here and there, Jeff is pretty au naturale. Plus, in the business field, it isn't exactly a negative for him to look older than 13. (We both still get carded for rated R movies -- perhaps balding could help?!) HOWEVER, we've heard many a bald man say "If only I'd done something when I first started balding." So, the true question: is bald hot or not?

Please see the poll on the right side of my page. We are counting on you to help us make this difficult decision more clear. You will have until MIDNIGHT on THURSDAY Nov. 5th to cast your vote. The final decision will be posted on Friday... this could be a major turning point in our lives and marriage.

For those of you still deciding, here is a picture to help you imagine the potential results of treatment.

We simply can't do this without you.

Addy has voted... Now how about you?


  1. I am laughing out loud in my office. mostly b/c you created an actual poll.

  2. I'm mulling this over - and having a very hard time.
    IF Jeff was jacked, muscular, and preferably of African American descent - The vote would clearly be cast to shave that cranium.
    IF Jeff was metro sexual and would wear tight pants - again shave.
    IF Jeff was a healthy eater with many vegetable and vitamins as a regular part of his life - I would say pursue the growth options.

  3. SHAVE IT!

    let me list the reasons why:
    1. he'll get pity points cause im pretyy sure people will think he has cancer. you can probably get a free trip to disney world for this.
    2. he will also look like mr. clean. except like a small, weak, mr. clean. hmmmm, refer to point 1.
    3. he can be homer simpson for halloween. or Andre Aggassi.
    4. this will improve his basketball skills by at least 12%. two words: charles Barkley. Micheal Jordan.
    5. he can act like Vin Deisel when hes driving the toyota
    6. BIB: bald is beauiful.


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