Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Things We Do

It is Saturday, & I am at school monitoring "Saturday School." It is a detention-type event targeting the real delinquents of the school. Lovely. We also offer something called "Second Chance Saturday" simultaneously.

SO... yesterday I invited (that's my nice/deceiving way of saying ASSIGNED) "Second Chance" to one of my students who has several missing assignments. I told him I would be working & could help him catch up. I also e-mailed his mom to make sure she was aware of the opportunity.
Her response?
I quote:

"I would love for him to be there, but Saturday's aren't good for us. Could you possibly give us a 'wake-up' call that morning?"

And thank you for staying at Holiday Inn.


  1. Hi sister-bear. I just laughed out loud... really. Welcome to my world of working with brats and wackos that wont get outta bed.. even if i have called them 3 times starting ONE HOUR before Im supposed to be there :-( Im sure you're nicer than me though! Love you. -kat

  2. That is RIDICULOUS. Seriously, ridic. And so funny.


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