Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 Little Randoms

1.) When you notice that a person got a haircut, the polite thing to say is: "Oh, I love your haircut." The incorrect thing to say is: "Did you get a haircut? Oh. Do you like it?" If you go with option B, you may as well say, "That haircut is totally hideous." FYI. (And, yes, I did just get a haircut... But I also hear this very conversation going on between my students ALL THE TIME!)

2.) I have been humming "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" for days, and I JUST figured out that "Santa Claus" is really the kid's dad. All these years I've been wondering why a song advocating adultery would become such a classic. Oh, growing up.
That's all for today.

**Don't forget to look at my Tour of Homes entry if you missed it yesterday.


  1. Don't worry ... this was me last year at about the same time! Hahaha... I remember my sigh of relief as well!

  2. I love that you just now figured that out :)

  3. Elizabeth,

    I was bored at work and I stumbled across your blog, and may or may not have read the entire thing to pass the time.

    My roommate kept making fun of me for laughing out loud while I was reading this ha ha !

    Hope all is well and that you and Jeff (and Addy) have a great Christmas!!

  4. You are literally the dumbest person, ever. I still love you.

  5. Yeah, I remember one of my Young Life girls coming up to me at the banquet a few years back and saying SUPER loud "OH MY GOD! WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!??! IT USED TO BE SO PRETTY." Some people are SO tactful. ;-)


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