Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gift Wrap

The one thing Jeff & I have agreed on this Christmas, is our wrapping selection.

I got this idea from pretty much every holiday magazine, catalog etc., but Jeff jumped all over it because of the inescapable practicality.

*Image from sugarnspice.creations.blogspot

Brown paper. GENIUS.

$2.99 for a giant roll, AND it can be used long after snowflakes and santas have been tucked away in closets.

Plus, it looks so darn cute under our tree. :)

(For added garnish, I just used plain white ribbon and little snowflake ornaments that I got at Crate & Barrel (24 for only $4.95). I am also re-using the gift tags & stickers that I used to make place cards at Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I bought some dark brown satin ribbon & cute little gift tags to add some spice. The possibilities are endless!)

For more fun & thrify ideas check out Real Simple Magazine's "Creative Wrapping Ideas." They even include a wrapping "How-To," which, trust me, I NEED. A good idea can only go so far without a little talent. :) NOTE: Jeff does almost all of the wrapping at our house.


  1. Dear Sister,

    as beautiful as your gifts are, and as proud of you as I am for agreeing with jeff on brown paper, I would like to point out that you probably got this idea from our MOTHER, who has been wrapping gifts in this for atleast 5 years. Thats all. Love you.

  2. I love the blog this morning!! I was just wondering yesterday if anyone remembers the true meaning of Christmas any more?? I get so stressed out! does any one else??

    I hope you didn't beat my poor granddog!!! she looks very depressed.... and watch out, she may poop a chinese orniment!! oh lordy.... Merry christmas everyone


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