Wednesday, December 30, 2009

9 Highlights of 2009 + Some New Year Goals

1. Ashley & Chip Schnabel's beautiful winter wedding & Big Chill Reunion. (January)

2. Our trip to Colorado to visit Jon & Lea in Littleton & ski Breckenridge. (April)

3. Jeff's week in Seattle & Portland/ My Extreme Home Makeover Week (May)

4. Mulvaney Family Reunion in Virginia Beach (June)

5. Mountain Weekend with my college girlfriends from Clemson + Baby Quinn (June)

6. Brevard Camping Trip with our COR Group (July)

7. Summer Kickball League (June - August)

8. Jake & Amanda McCrowell's beach wedding (October)

9. The Blizzard of 2009... 18 inches of snow! (December)

Goals for 2010:
* Take more pictures.
*Drive across the country.
* Wear lipstick.
*Be able to comfortably (for me and those around me) wear spandex and boots by next Christmas
These are serious... do not judge.


  1. So funny. I will miss reading your blog when I am gone. I'll have a lot to catch up on when I return home! (:

    -Brittany W

  2. spandex and boots?? wtf sister, why not leggings and boots? no one wears spandex. love you.

  3. Lipstick! Every time I come across a tube I think "Maybe this time I'll look good in it" NEVER happens!

  4. Does my butt always look that good or just when I am pushing a car in the snow?


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