Thursday, January 14, 2010

Diets Schmiets

Tomorrow, I am participating in "Show Us Your Life" over at Kelly's Korner, an adorable blog that I immediately started stalking when I found it.  (I also added her daughter's name to my list of future baby ids... Harper = Adorable and Classy.)  Anyway, she is doing this fun thing where bloggers are asked to write on a certain topic about their lives every Friday.  This week's topic is -- none other than, DIETS and WEIGHT LOSS.  (Lucky for my readers, I am an expert at talking about these topics.) 

BUT FIRST, before I give any enlightening information, let me give you a glimpse into my reality:

Tuesday night we had a friend over for dinner.  After dinner, we began a discussion about New Year's diets.  The conversation between he and my husband went something like this:

Friend: "Have I told you about the new work-out plan I've started?  It's called the Call of Duty Exercise Plan."

Jeff: "Does it involve playing video games and eating chips?"

Friend: "Kind-of.  You know those 45 seconds in between games when the screen re-sets?  I get up and do push-ups and sit-ups then.  It is great.  I am so sore the next day, and I think it is working."

Jeff: "Awesome.  I'll start tomorrow."

See what I'm up against?!?! This wasn't any more help than reading in US Weekly that Holly Robinson Peete uses a "coffee enema" to lose weight. Gross!

Ha!  STAY TUNED for my post tomorrow... I promise to offer a little bit more help than this, PLUS, a healthy dose of ridiculousness. :)


  1. Question: When you weigh yourself, do you think "Well, my wedding ring/band are over a carat so that's what...2 lbs? And my hair is getting pretty long...another 2 lbs probably. Oh, and I was wearing a necklace- 1 lb. These earrings are pretty heavy pearls- 1 lb. I DID just take a shower so there's still water in my hair and in my skin that's adding another pound. So, what the scale says minus 7 lbs. Not bad!" Oooor is that just me?

  2. Hey! Harper is my baby name! I'm not much of a baby name person but it has been the only name on my list for years. I guess I can allow you to put it on your list. :)


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