Friday, January 29, 2010

Doppelgänger Week

No, this is not a vocabulary lesson.  Doppelgänger Week, rather, is an interesting Facebook "holiday" being celebrated this last week of January.  The basic idea is that people are supposed to post their "celebrity look-alike" photo in place of their FB profile pic (Click on the above link for more details).  In honor of this event, here are the "famous people" I've been told I look like.  Please, try not to be jealous.

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (credit)

Lindsay Lohan in - ONLY - The Parent Trap (credit)

Peppermint Patty from Charlie Brown (credit)

Reese Witherspoon... (credit)
... Ok, maybe not.  But let's all just admit that I needed a little "ego booster" after those last three, which are all real by the way. What are people thinking when they tell me these things?!?

Who do you think I look like?

Who is your celebrity look alike?


  1. I don't know who you look like, but I would not say those above....
    Hey...I got stopped at the gym once to be told I looked like Monica Lewinsky...right in the middle of the was one of my most proudest moments!


  2. damnit, it wont let me add my picture. but if everyone would like to know what E looked like as a toddler (and a little like her now...) check out Matilda Ledger... (you know, heath ledger and michelle williams adorable 4 year old?! ha) love u sister.

  3. Yea, this doppelganger thing is pretty funny... you are much more humble than anyone else I've seen-- apparently, a lot of people think they look like A-list stars!


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