Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day (Again)

So... we got another 10+ inches of snow here in Virginia.

I'll be honest, snow is beautiful... but it really just isn't as fun when it happens on Friday night, cancels perfectly good weekend plans, and doesn't get us out of school.  It is funny to see everyone's Facebook messages etc.  As the second big snow of the season, this one definitely was not as welcome as the first.

Anyway, I'll try to look at the bright side.  Here are some things I've LOVED about the last two days.

My new boots.  I bought these right after Christmas and they have TOTALLY changed the way I feel about rainy/snowy weather.  They make my feet so happy!

Playing cards and drinking coffee with Jeff. (We might actually be 80 year olds stuck in 20-something bodies. I'm ok with that.)

Walking to the local movie theater with my sis to see a movie.  No photos of this because: a.) We were both wearing spandex, and b.) we already looked weird enough without taking pictures of ourselves.
*Side Note: Being the only ones at the theater definitely has its advantages - i.e. all you can eat popcorn, not having to silence my cell phone, and taking off my shoes to "stay awhile." - BUT, it is also a little creepy.  Kathryn might have mentioned more than once that she felt like we were going to be killed.

Addy's nose when it is covered in snow.  (Poor little thing... she is DYING to spend more time out there but we literally JUST got her groomed on Friday - notice her cute Valentine's "dress".  A few little "dips" is all she gets!)

On a different note, in a few hours I'm going to venture out and brave the roads to volunteer at the Junior League Bargain Bazaar (rescheduled from yesterday).  If you live in Roanoke and can get there safely, come shop our sale at Tanglewood Mall between 1:00 and 6:00PM today... There are sure to be some EXCELLENT deals on cute stuff and all proceeds go to a great cause!


  1. oh don't you worry, E. Nacho saw those pictures of Addy and did a little whistle when he saw her buns in the air and her cute little nose covered in snow :-) Can't wait for them to meet. If you want her to come with you the weekend of the race, bring her on! that would be so fun!

  2. "Oh no" to the note above mine.
    Were you playing NERTZ??

    Please advise. Thanks.
    - M


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