Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Invader and a Hero

On Sunday, an unwelcome guest invaded our home... His official name is Sin Us Infection, but I fondly call him "Darth Vader."  And worse, he seemed to take residence in my husband's head and leave me free to play nurse.  Miserable.

There is really not much worse than when Jeff gets sick.  For as wonderful and strong and manly as he is (and he really is), he becomes an instant 3-year-old when he doesn't feel well.  I knew things wouldn't be good when I woke up in a literal SEA of tissues, and Jeff's breathing was so loud and congested that I thought an airplane was landing in bed next to me.  Even Addy couldn't take it and had resorted to the hall to get her beauty rest.

Then, things got worse when Jeff felt "well enough" to call the cell phone company to sort out an issue, but proceeded to tell the lovely receptionist that he was "not feeling so great" and prove it by blowing his nose excessively into the receiver.  I can only imagine her reflections on the work day.

It was not pretty.

But then, the HERO arrived.  We'd tried DayQuil, Ginger Ale, hot rags, etc. etc. etc.  But, the real saving grace was Net E. Pot.

Have you seen these things?  I know it looks illegal, but I promise - it's not. 

Speaking of not pretty... it involves holding the spout of this little pot in one nostril, while you watch the warm water mixed with solution pour out the other nostril.  Gross.  And, the sound effects... Well, we won't go there.  (Kind of reminds me of the time my mom came after me with a turkey baster because someone told her salt water up the nose would cure stuffiness.  That's another post for another time... I'm still sorting through the emotional scars of that one!)

But the bottom line, it works!  By the next morning, Jeff was so much better... and ole "Darth" had moved on to someone else's home.

Speaking of home, I'm thinking of putting this beautiful white peicce of pottery on my bookshelves downstairs - what do you think?


  1. YES! The Neti Pot is brilliant! I am a recent convert. Although, I am surprised that you watch Jeff use it... I lock myself in the bathroom to use it. I'm afraid that if Davey saw the process, we would become "just friends." :)

  2. I think I must be the only person in the whole wide world who is a Neti Pot hater! I was sick over Christmas and used it for 5 days straight with NO results! Glad your hubby is feeling better though, you should definitely display the Neti Pot as art work!

  3. Your a good wife E! And I say accesorizing with neti pots WILL be the next big thing!


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