Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ode to Coffee

On Tuesdays, one of my favorite blogs - Chatting at the Sky - asks readers to "unwrap" one of the simple things of life, to pay attention to the details, to notice the little, everyday things we take for granted.

This week, I'm unwrapping the sweet gift of a hot cup of coffee.  I mean, I honestly feel warm & cozy just thinking about it...

Like a good, old friend, coffee has seen me through years of early mornings spent reading and waking up in a silent house, afternoon heart-to-hearts, and late nights forcing myself to stay awake and be productive.  My coffee doesn't judge my morning breath, my mohawk morning bangs, or the dark circles that magically appear under my eyes after midnight.

Our first year of marriage, Jeff and I began a mandatory Saturday Morning Coffee ritual.  In our very busy schedules of work, Young Life, Small Group, etc. etc., we vowed to leave Saturday mornings free for coffee and catching up.  Now, that has become a valued treasure for both of us --- and we are constantly sneaking it in on other days of the week too!!

I used to say I'd never drink coffee... Then, I discovered flavored creamers (another very wonderful gift), a full-time job, and the reality all the "adults" in my life seemed to already know:
Coffee may give me energy, but also, peace - if just long enough for a sip - and really, who doesn't need a little more of both?


  1. i.love.this. and agree 110%. nothing beats a soothing cup of coffee. also, we learned about "connection rituals" in our Marriage and Family Counseling class (they really did call them that). love yours. I can totally see you guys in 10 years telling the kids to go play by themselves for 30 minutes so you and jeff can have your Saturday Morning Coffee.

  2. What a great post! I too am a coffee lover. I think I love the idea of coffee just as much as I love the flavor!

  3. I'm a total coffee addict, too!

    And I love your blog...it's so sunny and pretty!

  4. I didn't drink coffee until I got married. And then... Well, let me just say that I appreciate what you've written here today.

  5. Based on your post today, I am QUITe positive that you and I should be friends. :) I love coffee.... and some of my favorite moments are the ones I spend chatting with my husband with a cup of deliciousness in hand. I'm going to recommend to him that he and I borrow your idea of setting up a weekly time just for that. :)

    P.S., I also am teaching at my old high school and living in my hometown, and loving it. :) Wish I could be obsessed with my dog, too, but our HOA only allows little 30 lb dogs and I grew up with Huskies- so I just love on my parents' dogs. :)

  6. I love this too. Sometimes I feel a little crazy about my love for coffee but this proves my theory about reading 'we read to know we are not alone.' I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in my crazy coffee love.

    E you are a good writer.


  7. LOVED THIS POST! I share your same adoration for coffee! Just today, I wrote something about it on my FB status.... oh how I LOVE my French Vanilla creamer!

    Hugs and so nice to meet you!


  8. This was perfect. As someone who has always said "i'll never drink coffee," I caved on Jan 2nd of this year. I think I've had a cup everyday since. A little bit of sugar-free flavoring is all it takes to make me a happy-morning-camper.


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