Monday, January 18, 2010

Heavy Heart

This weekend left me with a heavy heart.

It was one of those weekends, where, in my little world of "important" things like weight loss and busyness, I realize how much suffering and sadness there really is out there.

On Saturday, I heard about a terrible fight between two childhood friends - both of which, I had met recently but did not know - that left one of them dead and the other in jail.  Then, yesterday, Jeff and I received a phone call about a friend from high school, who we hadn't seen in years, who took his own life.  And of course, there's all the suffering in Haiti right now. 

There are whole communities of people who don't want to wake up this morning, because life is SO hard... I still believe in the power of laughter and joy; but, sometimes, I need to learn how to really "mourn with those who mourn" (Romans 12:15).

I'll leave you with these beautiful pictures of Jeff on a mission trip to Haiti a few years back.  Pray for THIS spirit to return to that land.


  1. I'm sorry, E :( It was definitely a weekend filled with bad news. Even though I wasn't close with the people affected, it still hits close to home. It's ok to be sad every now and then... especially when it's for a worthy reason, like a loss of life so young that feels like it should've been prevented. I love these photos of the children in Haiti.

  2. Beautiful photos of these Haitian children. The last one especially makes my heart melt.

  3. so true E, it all really does make us stop and think about how much we take for granted. I completely forgot that Jeff went to Haiti. those pictures are treasures.

  4. What a beautiful post, so glad I stopped by. Yes, life is just so hard and I cannot imagine how anyone makes it without our Lord and Savior. Hope it is a refreshing and relaxing week-end for you!

  5. There is a lot of tragedy all around us isn't there? Thank the Lord that He is here to give us strength.

  6. Sorry to hear of all the bad news. Praise the Lord we have Jesus.


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