Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Liar, Liar

... Pants on fire!

Seriously, my nose is growing.  (I'm pretty sure it is just a zit, but still.)

I'm having some serious convictions this week about my committment to my word.  I tell my students I'll have their papers graded tomorrow, and it takes five days.  I tell my mom I'll meet her at the gym, and I call to cancel.  I tell my friends I'll meet them late at a party, and I never show up.  I say I'll stick to a diet, and I last a week.

I need this sign --- adorable, and completely customizable at Dayspring-Danielson --- on my desk next to my planner. 

The deal is: I don't have to say "Yes" to everything... I just need to DO what I SAY I will do.  I don't know why this has gotten so hard. 

I'm committing... TODAY... to be a woman of my word. Wish me luck!  (This means I have to go to Body Combat tomorrow - no excuses!  Miserable.)


  1. I hear ya, girl! I think it's hard to outright say no. Part of the time, you probably honestly don't know what you're going to feel like doing and I know you also don't want to upset anyone. Most people have trouble balancing that. Before you commit, try to think about your motivation: are you saying "yes" because you really want to do that or are you saying yes just because you feel bad saying "no?" It's ok to do some things just to please someone else, but it's also perfectly fine sometimes to just be selfish and say that you don't feel like going to the gym/party/dinner!

    Now I need to start following my own advice :)

  2. Amanda is such a good friend. :) I am lucky.


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